For those who have never or rarely been to Mill Avenue, parking can seem daunting. However, there are actually various options available, some which are free, some which are a small daily fee. We are going to list a handful of very handy links and resources.

Our recommendation is to use the complementary valet parking that the Tempe Mission Palms offers all Westercon 70 attendees. The valet parking itself is free, though tipping is both polite and appreciated.

Since we booked the hotel in 2015, the free parking spots around it have been replaced by parking meters. However, Westercon 70 attendees do not need to pay if parking at these meters, because we have arranged a parking code that renders it free. That code is 262886 and it’s good from 28th June, 2017 through 6th July, 2017. However, it will need to be entered once per day.

Please follow the steps below:

If screen on meter is blank, press any button to proceed. Please allow a few seconds before proceeding to the first step for the meter to connect to the computer system.

1. Enter the number of the parking space that is located in the white, rectangular box painted on the ground at the back of the parking spot; press OK.
2. Press 1 to purchase ticket; press OK.
3. Press 3 for Hotel Guest Only; press OK.
4. Enter the six digit numeric code (262886); press OK.
5. Take receipt. This receipt does not have to be displayed in your vehicle.

Please note that it will take a few moments for the receipt to print. If the receipt does not print, please refer to the screen to see if it is indicating that the code is needed again. If the screen indicates that the code is required, simply re-enter the six digit numeric code and press OK.

Around Mill Avenue, any meter spot is free for anyone with a valid handicap placard or license plate. So if you are disabled, feel free to park at any meter without a need to pay – but any posted time limits still apply. Click here for a list of all ADA accessible parking spots.

If not parking at the hotel, we recommend using one of the parking garages. Prices do vary, so use this super handy and informative up-to-date garage location and pricing sheet.

There are a number of meters around Mill Avenue which can be paid with cash, credit card, or via a mobile app called ParkMobile. Go here for more information on ParkMobile and how it can help keep you worry free. Meters that have a two hour limit are no longer enforced after 10:00pm, and meters that have either an hour and a half or three hour limit are no longer enforced after 6:00pm.

There are a lot of options, just be sure to plan ahead. Mill Avenue is a small street that can become congested, so give yourself plenty of time, especially if you are attending something time sensitive, like a particular panel or meet-and-greet. Here is another map of parking availability in downtown Tempe.


Phoenix Sky Harbor

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Arizona. It is only 3.5 miles from Tempe Mission Palms, which also offers shuttle service both to and from the airport. There are dining options, bookstores and other retail outlets, and bars within the airport. Sky Harbor boasts a wide arrange of flights across the country with practically every national airline. For ease of transportation, distance, and variety of flight availability, Phoenix Sky Harbor is our recommended airport.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Official Website

Mesa Gateway

Mesa Gateway Airport is a smaller airport that lies in the eastern outskirts of the Phoenix valley. It is approximately 25 miles from the event site. Mesa Gateway is partnered with airline company Allegiant, which offers substantially cheaper flights. Allegiant flies to most major cities in the western US, as well as nationwide. Mesa Gateway has options for taxis, buses, and rental cars. If you don’t mind the extra distance and prefer a quieter airport with much less foot traffic, Mesa Gateway is a good choice.

Mesa Gateway Airport Official Website


Want to know exactly how to get to the convention? Type in your starting location’s address in the box below and hit the ‘Map It’ button. It will then automatically populate a Google map you can use, whether you are coming locally or out of state.


Valley Metro Bus

The Valley Metro Bus has routes that run across the entire Phoenix valley. There are multiple routes and stops along Mill Avenue that can act as an easy drop-off point for the convention. Below is a link to the various routes and their schedules. Please note that this information is frequently updated, so if you plan to travel by bus, be sure to double-check the schedule prior to the event.

Routes and Schedules for Valley Metro Bus

Pricing and Fare Options

Bus Route Map

Metro Light Rail

The Valley Metro Light Rail is a convenient way to get from Phoenix and Mesa over to the heart of Tempe. The light rail has a station on 3rd Street and Mill Avenue, less than a block from the convention site. The light rail is often faster than the bus system and a much more direct route. It also has ‘Park And Rides’ nearby select stations. A link with more detailed information is below.

Routes and Schedules for Valley Metro Light Rail

Pricing and Fare Options

Light Rail Route Map


In the exceptionally rare case you weren’t aware, Arizona summers are HOT. July temperatures typically range anywhere from 90 to 120, and the evenings are still very warm. July is also the start of our monsoon season, where the days can be both hot and rainy. Thankfully our event is entirely indoors in glorious air conditioning! However, we are still going to provide a few tips and tricks for preparing for a Tempe summer.

–>  Drink a LOT of water – and we mean a lot! Whether you are outside or inside, dehydration is the number one issue people face, especially when unaccustomed to our weather.

–>  Be conscious of your cosplay and attire choices. Cosplay is still a staple in the Arizona convention scene, but we highly recommend considering what you’re going to wear at the convention. Costumes that are very heavy, have multiple layers, or restrict breathing (like corsets) can sometimes impede your fun. If you have a very cumbersome cosplay, you might want to get a handler to help you stay cool and hydrated. Just know your limits!

–>  Please seek help IMMEDIATELY if you start to feel overheated. Neither heat exhaustion or heat stroke are a joking matter.

–>  If you plan to leave the convention for any outside activities, bring water, use copious amounts of sunscreen, and have an emergency contact. We know that sometimes visitors from outside the state like to explore the area – whether it be hiking, checking out the Phoenix Zoo, or walking Mill Avenue, etc. Just please prepare appropriately!

–>  It is illegal in the state of Arizona for any establishment that has running water to deny you water. If you find yourself overheating and without water, do not be afraid to approach a venue for hydration. If you feel ill, again, please seek help immediately.