Official Logo and Color Scheme

For anyone planning to do any advertising using our official logos and color scheme, the logos are to the left. You can click on each image to pull it up larger, and then right-click it to save to your hard drive. The backgrounds are transparent. The HTML color codes for the color scheme are listed below:

Emerald: #39BB2F
Caramel: #BB8D2F
White: #FFFFFF
Black: #000000

Name Formatting Guide

If you reference our conventions in printed or social media, the correct naming formats are as follows:

  1. We are Westercon 70, being the 70th instance of Westercon.
  2. We are also LepreCon 43, being the 43rd instance of LepreCon.
  3. We’re branding as ConAlope, to play with the idea of jackalopes in Arizona.
  4. Our sponsoring body is Leprecon, Inc.