The rewards of using satellite, sensor data to make investment risk decisions

The rewards of using satellite, sensor data to make investment risk decisions

Beth Burks, Director of Sustainable Finance, S&P Global Rating, speaks off the back of SF.Live's Re-Imagining Risk Modelling for Sustainable Finance Co-Creation Workshop about her key takeaways from the event coming from an investor's perspective.

Incorporating Tactical Building Blocks Into a Core-Satellite Strategy

When tactical ETF strategies are added to the mix, advisors are faced with additional challenges when evaluating portfolio risk. Premise Capital’s Jake Hutchinson joins S &P DJI’s Brent Kopp to discuss one strategy for risk assessment.

Space Business Podcast #22 Max Gulde, ConstellR – satellites for smart farming

Did you know you can use satellite imagery to make agriculture more efficient and hence help feed the world? My guest on this episode is Dr. Max Gulde, CEO and co-founder of German startup ConstellR and he will explain how their infrared remote sensing satellite constellation will do just that.

The Space Business Podcast is sponsored by NanoAvionics and produced in partnership with the International Space University (ISU). Follow the podcast on Twitter @podcast_space

Using Satellite Technology to Detect the Dark Fleet

New satellite technology has the potential to be applied around the globe to illuminate fishing fleets and provide greater transparency into human activities across our ocean. Global Fishing Watch and partners have used four satellite technologies to reveal widespread illegal fishing by dark fleets — vessels that do not publicly broadcast their location or appear in public monitoring systems — operating in the waters between the Koreas, Japan and Russia, some of the world’s most poorly-monitored waters.
– Automatic identification systems (AIS) monitors the movements of the vessels that broadcast their positions.
– Satellite radar identifies large metal vessels even under overcast skies.
– Nighttime optical imagery picks up the presence of fishing vessels using lights to attract catch or conduct operations at night.
– Optical imagery provides visual confirmation of vessel activity and type.

Through this novel use of satellite data and machine learning, Global Fishing Watch and partners have uncovered the largest known case of illegal fishing perpetrated by a single industrial fleet operating in another nation’s waters.

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Data Access – Quick Reference Guide

00:00:00 Start
00:00:31 Template used to develop Polaris free applications – SP500 Analyzer, Portfolio Return, Polaris Valuation
00:00:55 Video is a brief review of content in videos in “Data Access, Database, Code Review” playlist
00:02:50 Built-in Excel functions – volatile functions, lookup functions, distinct values, alphabetize
00:05:33 SumProduct should have been called SumOperator
00:06:18 Use Choose function to add comments to formulas
00:06:43 Lookup formulas – Index, Match and XLookup
00:07:28 Counting non-blank cells in a column
00:08:03 First and Last row containing a non-blank
00:08:18 Unary operator turns True/False into -1 or 0
00:08:55 Last occupied row in column that is NOT contain a formula
00:09:34 Replace 0 with blank with a IfBlank equilavent using IfError
00:10:02 Number occurrences in a string
00:10:29 Number of distinct values in a column
00:11:56 Built-in VBA functions – Worksheetfunction, Application, OnError, WorkSheetFuncton.Iferror, Application.Intersect
00:16:00 Last row in column
00:16:10 Application.Evaluate – execute Excel formulas in VBA
00:16:44 Polaris provided general functions
00:17:42 UpdateTime
00:18:27 Random
00:19:14 Array Max, Min, Mean, StdDev
00:19:28 TransposeArray
00:20:08 LastRow_InColumn
00:20:35 DistinctSort, SelectionSort
00:20:53 Indirect_Trigger
00:21:51 IfBlank
00:22:25 ActiveTabName, TabNum, TabName, WorksheetNameExists, WorksheetIndexExists
00:23:40 System Level Functions – IsInternetConnected, PublicIP, ComputerName, UserName
00:24:14 Polaris provided timing functions
00:24:44 GetTickCount – milliseconds
00:25:11 Spin – milliseconds
00:25:24 Sleep – milliseconds
00:25:54 Wait_Loop, Wait – seconds
00:26:51 TimerEvent – time of day
00:27:08 Polaris provided stock related functions
00:27:14 Single Ticker functions – current, historical
00:28:49 Multiple Ticker functions – current, historical
00:30:00 Web Services functions – IEX, EOD, Polaris, Alpha
00:30:11 EOD Multiple Web Service example – returns JSON formatted data
00:31:55 Polaris provided utility functions
00:32:06 Tickers
00:32:59 CSV_SplitOut
00:33:35 JSON_Parser
00:34:18 Full_JSON_Parser – watch “Data Access – VBA External Data” for more information
00:34:47 Polaris provided tracing functions – Debug_Caller, EchoBack
00:35:36 If spreadsheet not set up for tracing include Exit Function as first statment in Debug_Caller function
00:36:03 SQL Statements – (3) Data Definition, (3) Data Manipulation, (1) Select
00:36:26 Data Definition Create, Alter, Drop
00:34:58 Data Manipulation – Insert, Update, Delete
00:37:30 Query – Select, Subquery, Correlated subquery
00:38:34 Other – Views, Stored Procedures
00:39:05 Advanced – Common Table Expression (CTE), Table Value Constructor (TVC)
00:39:53 Wrap-up