Regulators are urging fintechs to boost financial inclusion – CCAF

Regulators are urging fintechs to boost financial inclusion – CCAF

A recent joint study from the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) at the University of Cambridge and World Bank found that the financial regulators are prioritising fintech business models to contribute to financial inclusion and boost local economies, particularly in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies (EMDEs).

How Fintech Is Unbundling Banking And What That Means For Financial Inclusion

Banks used to be the sole providers of formal financial services. They were responsible for both the customer-facing and back-end aspects of delivering these services. Nowadays, fintechs that specialize in specific financial products are competing with banks on those products and often benefiting consumers by providing more choice. Poor consumers especially benefit when these fintechs bring financial products that were previously unavailable or unsuited to their needs. In addition, fintechs that specialize in delivering the specific processes and elements that go into making financial services are becoming better at those tasks. They are making their services available to multiple financial service providers and thereby creating economies of scale. When combined with improved effectiveness as a result of specialization, these economies of scale can lower costs, bring higher quality services, and help reach previously underserved or unserved people. To learn more, visit

Webinar | Fintech and Financial Inclusion | June 4, 2019

In this webinar on June 4, 2019, speakers highlighted the fintech innovations and key findings emerging from the report. Bernie Akporiaye, founder of digital financial services platform MaTontine, discussed some of the challenges identified for fintechs: perfecting their value proposition for customers, building the right partnerships to get innovations off the ground, and attracting funding to scale. Yaw Mante, investment associate at fintech investment firm Flourish, spoke about the need for funders to broaden their horizons beyond payments and credit innovations, and consider other fintech models that can improve low-income customers’ lives. #FinTechInnovations #DigitalFinancialServices #FinancialInclusion


Ghana has made significant strides in the digital innovation space. Stakeholders such as the regulator, mobile network operators, banks and fintechs have created an enabling environment where innovation can thrive. I had the privilege of speaking on the digitalks stage on day 1 of the digital innovation week and I got to share the JUMO journey in Ghana highlighting the framework of trust that propels us.

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In the modern era banking is becoming something you do rather than somewhere you go. Fintech’s are leading the evolution of financial services by leveraging cutting edge technology. But why is this happening and how are they doing it? Find out in this video.