Westercon 70 is a convention run by a non-profit organization, Leprecon, Inc., which means that nobody gets paid and any proceeds are used to finance future events. That’s both LepreCons here in Arizona and, through a passalong funds scheme, Westercons in other states. The goal is always to promote the arts and sciences as best we can.

Most volunteers at sci-fi cons like Westercon are people who have already bought attending memberships but want to help out. Usually it’s for a couple of hours a day, but can be as much as they want.

For those who haven’t already bought attending memberships, we offer a substantially reduced rate for volunteers who commit to working a couple of hours a day. This is $20 for the full event (or $25 if you want the ability to vote for the next Westercon).

To volunteer, simply press the big green button opposite and complete our Volunteer form.