Program Book

The Westercon 70 program book will be published as a trade paperback book, in the standard 8½” x 5½” format with color covers and a black and white interior. It will include all the traditional components, with a few extra for good luck.

We believe that this format will be easy to carry, easy to navigate and easy to read with plenty of content to keep you enthralled.

Questions about the program book should be sent to Hal C. F. Astell, our director of Publications at

Images are CC0 Public Domain (right: Mysticsartdesign | below: Comfreak).


We’re open to ad swaps. If you run a fandom convention, especially in the western third of North America, and are interested in an ad swap, please contact the Publications director at Ad swaps save you money and us money and everybody wins.

Otherwise, we’re offering three different sizes of advert: full page, half page and quarter page.

Half page can be either horizontal or vertical. Quarter page can either be half width/half height or full width/quarter height. To allow for margins and headers/footers, the usable space on our page is 6¾” high and 4¼” wide. All standard image formats are acceptable.

Prices are:
Full page – $100
Half page (any aspect) – $50
Quarter page (any aspect) – $25