Program Book

The Westercon 70 program book has been published as a trade paperback book, in the standard 8½” x 5½” format with full color covers and a black and white interior. It will include all the traditional components, with a few extra for good luck. The back cover is a map of the venue. We believe that this format will be easy to carry, easy to navigate and easy to read.

Attending members will receive a physical copy of the program book at the event. Supporting members will be mailed a physical copy after the event. However, here’s a copy for you to peruse beforehand. Right click and download this link.

Images are CC0 Public Domain (right: Mysticsartdesign | below: Comfreak).


Some items are listed incorrectly in the Program Book, either through error or subsequent change. Here’s a list of what we’re aware of:

1. Classics of Science Fiction: The Lights in the Sky are Stars will be in Boardroom on Monday at 11.00am (not Sunday)
2. Classics of Science Fiction: The Time Machine will be in Boardroom on Tuesday at 11.00am (not Sunday at 10.30am)
3. Do the Bustle will be in Xavier on Tuesday at 3.30pm (not Sunday at 12.30pm)
4. Fan Workshop will be in San Pedro on Saturday at 3.30pm (not Sunday at 5.00pm)
5. The Female Hero’s Journey: Strong Women in Sci-Fi/Fantasy will be in Dolores on Monday at 12.30pm-1.30pm (day missing)
6. Tim Griffin Concert will be in Palm E/F on Saturday at 2.30pm (not 3.00pm)
7. The Pleasure Treasure: Using SF to Get Kids to Read will be in Capistrano on Saturday at 3.00pm (not in the Program Guide)
8. Teapot Racing 101 will be in Jokake on Monday at 9.30am in Jokake (not pm)
9. Meet and Greet: Connie Willis will be in Boardroom on Monday at 3.30pm (not Sunday)
10. Writing for Different Media will be in Jokake on Monday at 5.00pm (not Sunday)

Janie Franz and Daina Wright are listed as participants but are sadly now unable to attend.

1. In the Advertisements section (p196), Worldcon San Jose 208 should read Worldcon San Jose 2018.

All errors are the responsibility of the Publications Director. Please accept my apologies!


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