Membership Types


Attending Membership – This is our primary membership. It is for anyone who plans to attend the convention. It includes admission to all of the regular events, exhibits and activities during the convention.

Attending Memberships also include voting rights for site selection and all printed material such as the program book and progress reports. Our attending membership grants access to every day of the convention.

Supporting Memberships – These are for people who will not be attending Westercon 70 but would like to stay informed about our progress and receive our convention publications such as the program book and progress reports.

Supporting Memberships also include voting rights for site selection. Once site selection has been made, Supporting Memberships can be upgraded to Attending Memberships by paying the difference in membership fees at the time of upgrade, either here on our website or at the door.


Attending Adult

Attending Active Military

Attending Teen (Ages 13-17)

Attending Child  (Ages 7-12)

Attending Kid-In-Tow (Ages 0-7)

Supporting Adult

Please note that age cut-offs will be as of July 1st, 2017.  To receive the military discount, you must be in active service. 


We are only selling full event memberships online ahead of the event, but we will be selling day passes on the door. Prices are below:

Date Adult Active Military Teen Child Kid-in-Tow
Saturday 1st $35 $30 $30 $15 $0
Sunday 2nd $45 $30 $30 $15 $0
Monday 3rd $35 $25 $25 $15 $0
Tuesday 4th $25 $25 $25 $15 $0

Purchase Memberships

Please visit our Memberships page to purchase memberships.