Film Festival

The Westercon 70 Film Festival has been programmed from Film Freeway submissions by our Film Festival Director, Jon Bonnell.

It will take place in the Wind Flower room, which is on the first floor, at the opposite end of the hallway from the ConSuite. Sets are scheduled as follows:

Day Time Set
Saturday 10.00am Comic Book Films
Saturday 12.00pm Fantasy Films Block 1
Saturday 2.00pm Fantasy Films Block 2
Saturday 4.00pm Horror Films
Saturday 6.00pm Sci-Fi Films Block 1
Sunday 10.00am Sci-Fi Films Block 2
Sunday 12.00pm Sci-Fi Films Block 3
Sunday 2.00pm Comic Book Films
Sunday 4.00pm Fantasy Films Block 1
Sunday 6.00pm Fantasy Films Block 2
Monday 10.00am Horror Films
Monday 12.00pm Sci-Fi Films Block 1
Monday 2.00pm Sci-Fi Films Block 2
Monday 4.00pm Sci-Fi Films Block 3
Monday 6.00pm Award Ceremony

Comic Book Films

MERCS (UK, 40m, dir: Michael Morris)

A graphic novel stylized action film set in a hyper reality world where soldiers for hire clash and bullets fly. A mix of live action and animation bring this classic tale to life.

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Heroes Manufactured (Canada, 70m, dir: Yaron Betan)

A documentary about Canadian independent comic artists trying to break into the industry while facing pop culture’s biggest challenges. We explore the reality of producing superheroes in a market saturated with artists, writers, celebrities, cosplayers and everything else the comic-con markets have to offer. While it is set in Canada, the film explores a variety of independent artists that show the importance of their work through multiculturalism and their gender. Heroes Manufactured highlights artists from a variety of backgrounds including Mexican, Jewish, feminist and French-Canadian.

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Fantasy Films Block 1

Song of the Starslayer: Part 1 (USA, 120m, dir: Robert M. Towne)

For centuries the Kingdom of Ashelon has toiled under the yolk of the Dragon, but not all will bow to the will of their Draconian overlords. An ancient order of knights devoted to resisting the might of Draconia has established a stronghold in the mountain halls of Fellcroft, and now wages war against the Dragon’s empire. In the midst of this struggle, one dishonored knight seeks to restore his fortunes whilst winning the hand of the king’s daughter in marriage. But this restless soul will soon find himself on a quest that will test his loyalties and decide the fate of the empire for good or ill.


Fantasy Films Block 2

Song of the Starslayer: Part 2 (USA, 68m, dir: Robert M. Towne)

As above.

Ecate (Italy, 15m, dir: Tommaso Frangini)

A Knight, with a shadowy past, is lost in a dense and murky forest. He is found by a Lady who takes care of him, but who also hides a mystery. Based on John Keats’ ballad, La belle dame sans merci.

Lady Lillian (USA, 8m, dir: Danger Vision)

A dark comedy about a tarot reader/psychic whose rambling and somewhat absurd conversations with clients become self-fulfilling prophesies.


Horror Films

Prairie Dog (Canada, 94m, dir: Blake Evernden)

A lone sheriff in the vast lands and valleys of Brada County is confronted with a dual mystery. A pair of sociopathic criminals being chased across the plains have disappeared, and reports keep surfacing of a large, shadowed animal roaming the farmlands of the county. With the assistance of an environmental consultant and the mayor of the nearby town of Sombra Hollow, the sheriff races to find the connection between the mysteries that haunt the valleys of Brada County.

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Mr. Dentonn (Spain, 9m, dir: Iván Villamel)

On a cold winter night, Laura reads her brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura’s body, feeling a strange presence in the house. It’s him.

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Sci-Fi Films Block 1

Brute Sanity (USA, 82m, dir: Sam Vanivray)

An FBI-trained neuropsychologist teams up with a thief to find a reality-altering device while her insane ex-boss unleashes bizarre traps to stop her.

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The Online Date (USA, 7m, dir: Jimmy Matlosz)

A man experiences a really weird first date.

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Tilting at Skyscrapers (USA, 8m, dir: Frank Stasio)

When a gamer is overcome by his obsession, his neighbor must shepherd him home.

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Sci-Fi Films Block 2

Cronus (USA, 91m, dir: Derek Presley)

A genius recluse with amnesia awakens to find he has built a machine that extracts memories from the dead. He uses those memories to discover who he is and to rebuild a perfect past for himself.

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Reactionary (USA, 11m, dir: Gary Taylor)

Two lab scientists discover an object hurtling towards the planet. They must determine what it is and how to stop it.

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Sci-Fi Films Block 3

Illegal Aliens (USA, 10m, dirs: Justin & Kristin Schaack)

A sci-fi comedy satire that’s ironically human! Due to the recent arrival of undocumented immigrants, the city of Simpletown holds a special session city council meeting to determine if the town should officially ban the newcomers.


Show No Mercy (USA, 10m, dir: Scott Conditt)

A retro-arcade sci-fi action short film featuring Martin Kove (the bad guy from The Karate Kid!) and Jesse Kove (The Last Race)! Are you ready, players? Show No Mercy!

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The Secret of Tatooine (France, 12m, dir: Jordan Inconstant)

Obi-wan Kenobi is exiled on Tatooine to watch over the young Luke Skywalker. His mission will be complicated when the young boy leaves alone in the desert in pursuit of the Tuskens. In saving him, Obi-wan stirred the curiosity of a bounty hunter and troops of the empire. Will the Knight Jedi succeed in preserving his identity while protecting Luke? This short film takes place between Episodes 3 and 4.

A Room (Hong Kong, 22m, dir: Chong Ming)

A man has changed to another job in order to make more money to marry his fiancée. One day he discovers the secret of a certain room in his company. This secret, which only appears after he gets off work, changes their relationship forever.


Filling In (USA, 22m, dir: Bradley Hawkins)

A gentle giant of a man, down on his luck, considers a risky and covert career path. To help him learn the ropes, a grizzled vet in the field takes him under his wing.

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