Fan Tables

Westercon 70 will have fan tables available for non-profit groups and events to advertise themselves. These are community outreach tables, subject to the Leprecon, Inc. Fan Tables Policy.

Our Fan Tables Coordinator is Marcus Johnston, who has spent many hours behind a fan table for the The Royal Manticoran Navy as captain of HMS Claymore, based here in Phoenix. He can be reached at

Photos are from LepreCon 41 and 42, courtesy of photographer Jeff George.

Location and Details

We do not charge for fan tables, though anyone manning a group’s / event’s fan table must have a membership in Westercon 70.

Fan tables at Westercon 70 will be located in the Ballroom Foyer outside the Palm Ballroom. The tables will be 5’ x 2′ in size with two banquet chairs per table and linen to cover the bare table. Skirting may or may not be supplied depending on supply and demand. Hours of operation are up to the group / event, but will be available as of the official opening of Westercon 70 at noon on Saturday 1st.

Each group / event requesting a fan table will be limited to one table. Assignments will be made on a first-come / first-served basis with a wait list once all tables are assigned. Please e-mail our Fan Table Coordinator at

If you are unsure whether your group or event qualifies for a free fan table, please send an inquiry with details and we’ll make a decision.