Dealers' Room

The Westercon 70 Dealers’ Room will be juried to ensure a good variety of merchandise, with the following options available:

  1. Either one or two tables sized 8′ x 2½’, priced at $145 each.
  2. One booth sized 12′ x 12′, including two 6′ tables, priced at $270.

Each option includes full membership to Westercon 70 (one per table or booth), access to the Staff Lounge and one quarter page ad in the program book. Additional memberships can be purchased at our original full event rate of $45, regardless what the regular rate is at the time. Ads can also be upgraded and/or additional ones purchased.

Applications are now open. To ensure the greatest variety and balance possible in the Dealers’ Room, we’ve extended our deadline for submissions until 1st June.

However, we’ll still respond with confirmation to those who submitted during the regular period by 17th May, as originally stated.

If you wish to apply, please print, complete and sign both the PDFs below and scan/e-mail to our pre-con Dealers’ Room director, Mark Boniece, at, who will also be happy to answer any of your questions. This is an application only, until you have been approved.

W70 Dealers’ Room – Application Form

W70 Dealers’ Room – Agreement

All photos were taken at LepreCon 42 and are courtesy of Jeff George.

Dealers' Room Details

The Westercon 70 Dealers Room will be housed in the Palm Ballroom, filling all of Palm A, all of Palm D and half of Palm B.

Dealers Room hours are expected to be as follows (but are subject to change):

Friday (06/30/2017)    Setup                 2:00 pm -  8:00 pm
Saturday (07/01/2017)  Open to Members      12.00 pm -  7.00 pm
Sunday (07/02/2017)    Open to Members      10.00 am -  7.00 pm
Monday (07/03/2017)    Open to Members      10.00 am -  7.00 pm
Tuesday (07/04/2017)   Open to Members      10.00 am -  2.00 pm
                       Teardown              2.00 pm -  8.00 pm


  1. No smoking or vaping is allowed in the Dealers’ Room.
  2. No food or drink may be sold in the Dealers’ Room.
  3. No ‘outside’ food or drink may be brought into the Dealers’ Room for consumption. Food or drink purchased at the hotel restaurant may be consumed in the Dealers’ Room.
  4. Tables are placed according to city fire codes and should not be moved without the express permission of the Dealers’ Room Coordinator.
  5. Dealers are advised that the State of Arizona and City of Tempe require them to have all appropriate licenses and/or sales tax permits and collect appropriate taxes from sales made at Westercon 70 and remit them to the State and City.
  6. Bootleg and/or illegal materials are not permitted in the Dealers’ Room. Should there be discovery of such, the Dealer may be required to forfeit their fees and leave the convention. The matter may also result in the offender being banned from future events.
  7. Please keep in mind that this is a family friendly event.